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coming fall 2009

Focus on
the Big Three,
Ultron and Kang


White Rocket Books donated
$1200.00 from sales of ASSEMBLED!
to the HERO Initiative at HeroesCon in June 2008!

"A fine read for any Avengers aficionado, and an overall handsome package."
--Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor, Marvel Comics

"This book certainly delivers in every way."
--Bob Almond, Marvel Comics inker

"Funny, informative, and great reading for any comics fan...
It inspired me to re-read issues I already had, and to pick
up some trades of ones I don't. There's not much better praise than that."

--Gary Mitchell, RevolutionSF.com
8/10 starred review

A collection of opinions, arguments, humor,
reference pieces, and much more.

Created by the Jarvis-Heads of AvengersAssemble.net.

Introduction by best-selling novelist Keith R. A. DeCandido

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Listed as a "Spotlight" selection in the December 2007
Diamond Previews catalog, pg. 380


The Jarvis-Heads break down the greatest (and not-so-greatest!) eras of Marvel's Avengers comic, discussing the good, the bad, the groundbreaking, and what just plain broke their hearts.

Articles cover everything from "Cap's Kooky Quartet" to New Avengers, the Ultimates , Thunderbolts, and beyond.

Other features include a deluxe Avengers chronology and year-by-year highlights covering the team's adventures since 1963!

ISBN: 978-0615154442
Previews  DEC074126

Contributors include Web-famous super-fans such as:
 Sean McQuaid, Ian Watson, David Medinnus, Rob Clough, Adrian Watts, Mark Beaulieu, Mark Bousquet, Trace Shelton, John Warren, Scott Harris, Danny "Ozbot" Wall, David Wright, George Kopec, Joe Crowe, Mark Squire, Bob Fronczak,
and more!

Edited by Van Allen Plexico of AvengersAssemble.net

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Read the Silver Bullet Comics Interview with Van about ASSEMBLED!

(Who are the Jarvis-Heads?  Learn more here.)


From Bob Almond, veteran comics inker
and lifetime Avengers collector:
"I grew up a serious Avengers fan, but no one takes Avengers
fanaticism as seriously as Van & the Jarvis Heads. And ASSEMBLED!
assembles them in one mighty volume. Whether you're a new Avengers
curious to read about the history and classic milestones of
Earth's Mightiest Heroes or a long-time reader eager to nostalgically
pour through several entertaining essays on every major Avengers era
& creator over the decades,
this book certainly delivers in every way."


Email the editor at vplexico at gmail.com

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